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Project Coloniam (title WIP) is a procedural base building and exploration game in a similar style to Rimworld and Factorio, with more emphasis on combat with some RPG elements such as quests and loot.

At the moment, the game is an early prototype, so it only has basic base building and extremely rudimentary "combat" (if you can even call it that), intended to gather feedback on how the mechanics currently work, and whether or not they're going in a good direction. The procedural map also has no proper edges or collisions at the moment, so when you get to the end, there is just empty space (and you can walk/build on water ;) ) Day and night cycles are fairly short as well to limit build times for testing.

There's currently no detail in the way of resource cost for buildings, but they aren't particularly high (and you can always cheat more in with numpad 8 ;) )

Majority of the art is either placeholders from Open Game Art or just basic boxes, apart from the background tiles which I created.


Move - WASD

Shoot - Left Click

Construction Mode - E

Resource Menu (mostly pointless at the moment) - R

Pause - Esc

Zoom in/out - scroll wheel


Default speed - Numpad 0

2x speed - Numpad 1

3x speed - Numpad 2

Add 500 of all resources - Numpad 8


At the moment there isn't really much "game" to play, it's more of a demonstration. Press E when you're within 30m (distance indicator next to cursor) of your base (large circle object you spawn next to) to enter construction mode, which pauses the game and allows you to build structures. You can also only build within a certain distance of the base - there will be upgrades added later to increase this.

  • When buildings are placed, they will be highlighted green until they have finished construction. When you are placing a building, it will turn red if it can't be placed somewhere, and green if it can.
  • Resource nodes appear on the map as undiscovered by default, and will not show their quantity until the player moves near them and discovers them. These can be utilised by Harvest Bots.
  • Warehouses store all gathered resources, and share their inventories with each other. However, each warehouse has a limit to how many resources it can store.
  • Bot factories are used to produce ground bots. Currently, only a Harvest Bot can be constructed, which will automatically harvest from discovered resource nodes, and drop the cargo off in the nearest warehouse.
  • Power stations generate electricity once they are linked to warehouses. Linking a power station means coal is automatically used from the warehouse to power the power station. Once a power station has finished building, in construction mode, you can click on it to bring up its UI, then press F3 and select a warehouse to link them together. If it was successful, the text above the power station should change to "Linked".
  • Houses allow colonists to move into your colony. At the moment there is no purpose to them apart from to give a nice, occupied and non-empty feel to your colony.

Install instructions

Simply unzip and run!


Project Coloniam v1.0.1-proto.zip (13 MB)

Development log

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